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Review: Friendly-Strike 3
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 11/05/2009

Presentation: This game looks good! The title screen and menus are spectacular! I think this is the top of the line when it comes to Click title screens! There is even a complete menu and options area unlike its predecessor FS2. There has been some real improvement in this game and I can't give it anything other than a
Presentation: 10/10

Gameplay: Pwn. It's the exact same as FS2 but with new weapons and levels and even a snazzy online mode that works wonderfully! The game play is really quality work. There are every man for themselves, team, and capture the flag games. It's really good. The online works flawlessly and is a good way to play around the world. Empty servers but still fun with friends! The game even supports a "split screen" mode, well it's not split but you play on the same keyboard. This works great until your keyboard locks up due to ghosting but still a good idea. Great game. Only fit i give it a Gameplay: 10/10

Graphics: This game has not really improved since the last game in graphics despite the beautiful explosion and dust effects. But this game does lack in fire quality. I'm not looking for Farcry 2 fire but I could do better than this! But not much else to say about graphics it deserves a solid Graphics: 9/10

Sound/Music: Not much to say. Good sound choice. Different noise for each gun. And perfect fitting Music for each level. Not to mention the explosive music when you start the game. Not much more he could do so I give em' a Sound/Music: 10/10

Lastability: Even without the online feature Billybobjoe198 and I could play this game for hours on end. And the online feature lets us play even when our bodies wreak of b/o and nut soup. So, once a gain you grabbed a Lastability: 10/10

Overall: One of the best click games ever. GET THIS GAME!!! GET ALL OF HIS GAMES!!! He is a click genius and you can be to if you play this game. Overall: 10/10

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