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Review: Friendly-Strike 3
Author: Mr G
Added: 22/04/2009

Even after some time that this game has been out, I'm still playing this game and still having a lot of fun

I haven't tried the earlier version of FF but the latest version seems to be really good in quality. The presentation of the game itself is pretty nice because the gfx are done with ease and the menu is easy to access. But I had some problems configuring the controls of the player, or it wasn't reacting to anything. So it made it pretty hard to play.

The fun of all the game itself is when it's played online versus real people. The game is coded cleanly and unless you have a bad connection, you won't get much lag or buggy movement. The controls make it really hard to play at first but when you get used to that issue, it won't be that much of a problem ;) The customization of the characters makes it so that you can create your original character. Although there aren't much options, it is still better than seeing everyone be the same character. If a new version of the game is really made, the creator should focus on the customization of the player and better controls. Although controls with a mouse would disable the ability to play against 4 people at the same keyboard, but a resolution could be found ;)

The gfx of the game were decent in my opinion. There weren't much of pixel-perfect stuff to see and much detail but I think it suits the game itself. However, there should be improvement over the gfx section and the special effects like bullets, explosion, etc. next time ;)

The sound and the music area wasn't that attractive to me. I didn't get pumped up enough to feel the adrenaline rush that you would feel when playing shooter games. The sfx are nice but the musics are lacking in my perspective. I would open up my media player while disabling the music of the game.

For the lastability, you can see that I'm still playing this game after sometime the release. And I can definately says that it will keep you occupied for a long time.

Overall, if the game has better improvement on it's next release (like better control mechanisms, gfx and sound effects), I think it would even make the lastability of this game a lot longer. This game deserves it's GOTW prize and should be a must-play for every clicker ;)

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