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Review: Alien Space
Author: Mkingy
Added: 01/05/2009

Presentation was consistent throughout. Very retro feel to it and definitely fitted in well with the game style.

The menu was well laid out although perhaps a little confusing with the sub-menu being the same colour as the rest of the menu whilst inactive. It did however lack any sort of help or information screen. Ingame the HUD was compact and did not impair the vision, which is essential for this kind of game. I was a little confused over the icon in the bottom left, however I soon enough figured out it was the charge up timer for the super bomb.

The gameplay consisted mainly of dodging and holding down fire - which is quite standard for a game of this genre. However I felt it was possible to devise small routines and tactics to deal with certain combinations of enemies. The bomb also added some variety within these tactics aswell. The learning curve was fairly shallow at the beginning and proved to be an easy game to pick up and play. It took me a few goes to surpass the first 10 waves, but dispite me not particularly good at this type of games, I felt the gameplay lively and 'fair' (i hate games that it feel like the game has let you down rather than your skill :<) enough for me to keep at it to find out what happens next. Expanding on the fair point, the controls were very tight, however the lack of any indication when you were hit made it really hard to tell whether you could squeeze through certain gaps.

Alien shooter certainly did well in the graphics department in my opinion. All the graphics slotted in with each other, and stuck to the particular style. The game used colour very well giving a good sense of depth and detail whilst not being distracting. There was a lack in changing scenery which made the pgame slightly dull. I feel that Perhaps at different wave numbers there could have been a change in scenery.

I found the music fitting and quite entertaining. I was too busy dodging to came about how repetitive it was so that didn't really bother me too much, although some extra songs would have been good. Other sound effects were appropriately used and I don't think anything was over-used/underused. Only suggestion would be perhaps an indicator for when you get hit.

The game does contain a high score factility, which does imporve the lastability of the game. However it is not very detailed and only shows the current high score. A top 3 and you ebing able to add your initials would've been nice, or an online score system. The wave system helped this as you want to try adn get onto the next set of waves to see how hard it gets (and of course to try and beat it :D). For an arcade game, this title didn't do badly.

Overall this was a decent, albeit slightly repetative shump. Definately worth a try though as you might find yourself addicted :] ps. Wave wise I achieved around wave 14-15.

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