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Review: [MMF2] Luor
Author: Mr G
Added: 26/04/2009

Ok, I promised a review and here is a review from the 4 levels I played so far. I only played about 4 levels and not more because somehow the game kept repeating itself. I'll mention it later on the review.

First of all, the presentation was really fantastic. We can clearly see the ability of Clickteam products if used properly, instead of doing some simple platformer games that we mostly see. The game menu is pretty simple, but too simple in my opinion. I don't know if it was done on purpose, but there really should have been an intro for this game. Because it was starting too fast, I couldn't find any meaning to why we were simply fighting against the dark forces. I hope a sequel resolves this issue

And also, a save feature would have gone good with this game after all the lives had ended. But for the save feature to be really added, I think a story mode should be added first.

The gameplay part of the game was just like how it was when I played the tech demo on the projects page for Luor. I didn't see that much improvement for the gameplay. The enemies mostly came in a similar pattern all through the levels I've played. The only nice parts were when I was at the boss levels and minor big ships with nice weapon features. There really should have been more improvement in this area because this will also effect the lastability of the game. I didn't really see many weapons like mentioned in the download page, maybe because of the fact that I quit the game at level 4. But if the creator gives us the ability to have even 1 ammo for a unique weapon, that would give the player to have the urge to continue and discover the game more. This is practically the primary issue this game was suffering. There were hardly anything challenging in the game. There really should have been more challenges even between small enemy ships to big bosses. I won't degrade the points because I was still having fun. But after seeing the same stuff over and over and with only different color backgrounds, I started to get pretty bored unfortuanetly :(

Probably the best part of the game was the graphics section of the game. I'm still amazed with how much stuff has been made possible with the recent developments and extensions of MMF2. This game truly shows the power and the capabilitis of Clickteam products. But the thing is, there could have been even more done inside the game instead of just making simple flashly ships and a nice background. I would have wanted to see some stuff I would normally see when I play an arcade plane shooter on a SNES or something. There was a lot of potential to this game, but I think this feature was a bit rush to meet the deadline. I hope to see even more features for the graphics section with a sequel ;)

The sound and music section of the game was pretty nice. But I actually liked the demo music in the tech demo more that these soft-themed/slow-paced musics. The gameplay is easy and now with these slow-paced/easy-going musics, I feel like sleeping when I play this game. There should be more action going on. If it's going to be against "Dark Forces" there should be some kind of Gothic/Mediaval type rock music or something. I sometimes forgot that there was even a music playing on the background because it was so quite. The sfx part was pretty bad compared to the music because I hardly heard any sfx (besides the super-bomb sound you hear once in a while). This section should definately be improved.

For a person using a Clickteam product and never playing a game like this, they will spend a lot of time in this game. But that is until they discover that the game is repeating itself and actually just using the makeup to hide the missing pieces. The lastability won't be really long for this game if there is similar stuff in every level. There should have been a split-screen mode definately, some different modes on single play and definately an online mode too. These features would have increased the lastability of this game by a ton. But I guess will we see these features in another sequel (me hopes ;))

Overall, this game is actually fun to play when disregarding everything I mentioned so far in my review. But once after you played enough of this game (maybe even finish it), you probably will recognize why I have mentioned that much stuff in my review. I respect the creator of this game for the effort that has been put to this game but there could have been much more done for this game, because it's capable of accomplishing all of them. I wish you good luck on your future creations and hope that if you make a "Luor 2", please be cautious of what I suggested in my review and apply them in your next release ;)

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Posted by Zoglu 1st May, 2009

You should have played all the levels before writing the review, the 4 other ones are really more challenging.
Posted by Mr G 1st May, 2009

If only I could find the fun-factor in the starting 4 levels I would have continued till the finish I guess
Posted by Zoglu 1st May, 2009

Well sometimes you can dislike a game at first, then you play it again and like it.
Also, there is a saving system, actually if you select "Play" in the menu, the game will start from the last level you reached. So you don't have to play the 4 first level to (hopefully ) enjoy the rest of the game
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2009

A pretty generous review.
Posted by Mr G 3rd May, 2009

I tried to stay neutral actually


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