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Review: FIG
Author: Mr G
Added: 22/04/2009

Ok, so this game was featured in a monthly gaming magazine that I bought about a month ago and I will write a review about it now cause it deserves a good review

When I first opened up the game, the gfx of the game seemed to glitter and seemed really unique to me. Considering that there aren't many games on the Click community with such good gfx and presentation, I was really impressed. The accesability of the game (for it's functions, options and level selects) were really easy. So I was happy with that

The gameplay of the game itself is really simple and easy to understand. You control a brainless dude across some platforms and reach his goal. The obstacles and the platforms are really nice and nicely coded without any bugs (I couldn't see any bugs at least...). Unfortunately there could have been somekind of online capability for this game because it gets boring just playing to complete the levels. I don't know if there was a patch released to this game after months for online-capability, but it could vastly improve it's gameplay and lastabiity ;)

The gfx of the game were actually the best part of the game. The hand-drawn gfx and the animations were done really nice. You can see the quality even once you open the game the first time. A lot of time seems to have been spent on this part of the game and I respect the creator for that. I can't say anything negative regarding the gfx of the game but maybe add better shading for the objects and a light-source to make it more realistic on the eyes. But that could change the perspective of the game probably.

The sfx and the music were really nice. It had a calm feeling to them and didn't get that much in the way. This game is not an action game so that kind of music and sfx suit the game perfectly. I wouldn't want to listen to rock/metal type of music while playing a puzzle type game like this ;)

The lastability of the game is pretty good. Cause it's not that easy to just finish all the levels in one go. But like I said earlier, an online-compability of anykind for this game could have improved it's gameplay and lastability. I didn't notice anything like this while playing but if there is an online-highscore for each of the levels, it would be a good deal for this game.

Overall, this game is also "highly recommended" by me too ;) You will have lots of fun while trying to get you brainless guy to the exit. Good job Hempuli ;)

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