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Review: Necropolis Rising
Author: Otter
Added: 01/02/2009

Okay, Tonight I was really really bored. So I started looking through the old GOTWs. At about page 6 or 7, I saw an interesting game called Necropolis Rising. I tried it out liked it, and reviewed it.

Presentation: The presentation is okay. Everything fits well. I especially like the beginning intro where it tells the story. And the game gives you this really cartoonish dark mood whenever you play. WHICH I REALLY BEGAN TO DIG But nothing that really stands out as inovative though But for meeting all of the standards, and minorly exceding, it gets a 9/10

Gameplay: The Gameplay was good, but nothing special. It used simple Zelda style hack and slash concept. I didn't try it with the joypad, probably should have. The engine had a lot of problems though, which I'll explain in the overall. None of them got in the gameplay to much, but they did once and a while. The gameplay is surprisingly addictive and fun in the way I feel like I could keep trying and trying and trying. My favorite part of the gameplay is the open world feel.

Graphics: The graphics were pretty good. Especially for the close ups. Other than that, they were pretty basic. I still enjoyed them a lot though! The animations need some work though, especially the simple dieng animations done by scattering parts of the enemy every which way in the animation editor.

Sound/Music: The sound was what stood out the most for me! All of the tunes were beautiful. They really hit all of the right notes(no punn intended)! They did an excellent job of exadgerating the games atmosphere and the likes. Plus there was good variety from area to area. Some of the Necromancers voices seemed weird and annoyed me a little, but I got over it...

Lastability: The game has okay lastability seeing as what it is. It's practically a huge minigame you play over and over! You unlock extra stuff by beating the game, doing certain accomplishments, and etc. For a game like this, I guess that ain't bad, but it still won't last you long.

Overall: It's a fun game. Apparently it was originally a pay to play, no offense but I definitely wouldn't ever pay for this... It's great, but has some bad points. Yet, the good points overwhelm them. Now what I was saying about the engine early in the gameplay... The Engine really made me cringe... Please DO NOT QUOTE ME on this part, because I have a feeling this might cause some controversity. But it just seemed so basic. Mainly the collision. The enemies attacks are a little to fine and easy to hit you, this can be cured by having the character as static and an invisible square below them as 8-directional, and have the player coordinates set to the invisible square. This can also make people beleive you used custom movement XD The houses and stuff are what really bothered me though. You cannot walk a inches in front of them like you would in a normal Zelda view game. Instead, no matter where you touch it, you collide. The trees all had a similair problem. And so did everything else! As a result of my small problems here, I took one of the gameplay. But anyway, It's a great game. WAY worth your time. Not a very impressive engine though, and lastability could be better...

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Posted by Del Duio 24th February, 2009

Wow holy shit I was looking at reviews and was seriously surprised to see this!

Yeah NR's engine is not all that good I'm afraid. Back then I wasn't able to create a good system where the player wouldn't richochet all over the place when he slightly touched any obstacle at all. Not having a save system was a bad idea too in retrospect.

This game has my favorite music I've ever done though, I think there's maybe 9 out of 10 songs that I'm still really proud of years later (well, for midi tunes). The voices.. yeah they get annoying, sorry about that!

Thanks Wiiman for the good review
Posted by Otter 26th March, 2009

No problem man, sweet game btw.


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