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Review: Candy Capters
Author: Ski
Added: 06/11/2008


The game is very colourful, and it's obvious the creator has tried his best to present the game well, but several issues really made me cringe. Issues that take a couple of seconds to sort out, like using a grid system to layout tiles in the level editor for a start.

The main title also flashes and is "animated" in such a way that hurts ones eyes.

See the screenshot I post:

It has two gaps. The one on the right can be walked over, the one on the left cannot, but this isn't made obvious, so I'm lead to presume it's just a careless result of copying and pasting. There's also a gap at the bottom of the screen when the left, right and top edges of the frame have the tiles neatly aligned to them.

-Gameplay- It's okay. Not an original concept, by any means. Walk left and right to collect all the 4-frame "spinning" candy canes, use springs to jump to higher levels (that's if you don't get stuck in them) Fall through gaps to wrap around the play area and reach even more candy canes.There's a time limit, and if you fail to reach the set goal in each stage you fall off the screen in a Super Mario style fashion, like I said- it's not really too original. The screen shot shows the main sprite stuck in one of the many springs. This happened several times per stage, providing it is blessed with springs.

Screenshot 1

-Graphics- Well they were colourful, and it was clear that JRP was suggesting some kind of ice them, but they're somewhat inconsistent, use ugly black lines when most of the graphics are light blue's and whites, and the main blocks become very repetitive after a short while. There's only so many ways of making the same block look "different". Everything was cute enough, but I just feel a bit more time could have been put into it.

Screenshot 2

-Music- The music is nice, well known Christmas tunes. Not sure if it's original though - the same goes for the sound effects.

-Lastability- With 20 levels and a boss I'm sure it will last a while (around 10 minutes max), but that's if people are willing to put up with some minor bugs, spring-glitches and flashing ice cubes

-Overall- Not the worst click game I've played on, but certainly nothing to phone home about. Perhaps good to download if you're bored and stuck in school on a rainy lunchtime.

Sound and Music:

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Posted by Hill Gigas 6th November, 2008

This review is pretty fair I think. You pointed out the games flaws but you weren't mean about it. Good review.
Posted by Ski 6th November, 2008

Why would I be mean about it?
Posted by Codemonkey 6th November, 2008

Good review adam.
Posted by surpreme ruler of castlevania.....JRP#3000 6th November, 2008

mummy! mummy! he was mean WAAAAAAAA!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! yeah, its a fair review.

Posted by AndyUK 6th November, 2008

Ah good to see you reviewing some games.

I also found the gaps annoying, mainly because you can easily glide over then when trying to fall down.


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