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Review: Candy Capters
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 03/11/2008

So here is a fun little Christmas game called Candy Capters, in which a penguin is out on a mission to collect candy canes using his powers of running and falling! The game is very simple and straight forward, and the concept is very simple as well, making for a neat little holiday game that most people will enjoy.

Gameplay is simple: You walk left and right, period. No shooting, no jumping, no ducking. You move your penguin left and right, walking over springboards to get up high, and using pits to fall off the bottom of the level and reappear at the top. These are your tools to collect the candy canes in each level, and it can be more challenging than it sounds. However, a few problems in this area keep the simple gameplay from being easy to navigate. It would have been nice to be able to control the springboards by pressing a button. It's unclear when exactly they will "bounce" you, as touching them doesn't seem to be the trigger. Also, it's easy to get stuck in the sides of block and walls, which eats away precious seconds.

Graphics are clean and colorful. The game has a very pleasant holiday feel to it, with the scenery and sprites all boasting a wintry but festive color palette. It's sweet and simple eye candy.

Sounds and music are decent enough, but don't add a lot to the gameplay. There aren't many opportunities for sound effects, therefore you won't hear many other than the sounds of bouncing on springboards and the sound of your time running out! The music tracks are simple Christmas midi's, which set a good enough feel for the game.

Lastability will completely depend on your tolerance for puzzle games like this. There isn't a map system or save system, it's a matter of getting as far as you can, then being willing to start over if your time runs out! The good news is that there is a continue system, so you just have to start over at the beginning of the world, and not the beginning of the game! Most people will get as far as they can once or twice, use a few continues, then be done. However, those first few times playing through it are very enjoyable!

Overall, this is an enjoyable little holiday game that most people will appreciate. The game can be considered a puzzle game because it takes some planning to get to all of the places around each level while only being able to walk back and forth. But that's enough to makes each level interesting. This is a fun way to kill 15 minutes! Recommended for platformer/puzzle fans.

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Posted by surpreme ruler of castlevania.....JRP#3000 4th November, 2008

SWEET! shroomlock the Reviewing Madman reviewd my game, thanks man.



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