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Review: Bonesaw: The Game
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 16/02/2008

So here is the much anticipated Bonesaw, and it doesn't disappoint! This is a well made and quite bizarre game that should provide almost any gamer with a few hours of solid platforming action. You are a disgruntled hockey player left alone after his team is abducted by an evil referee. Your job is to track down the bad ref, with some help from an unlikely hero- Bonesaw! If that's not weird enough, you are also treated to Kirby style gameplay, Megaman effects, and strangely shaded characters. Put these together for a very unique experience!

Gameplay is Bonesaw is well done, and can be mastered with practice by any gamer. You have two buttons to worry about, jumping and attacking, but using them correctly can take practice. Combat can be a bit slippery, and I never felt confident fighting enemies because there was always a bit of blind luck involved. Hit detection is pretty loose, you have to be in just the right position to score a hit. I ended up navigating most levels just avoiding as many enemies as possible.

Graphics are very stylish in Bonesaw. Character have a very retro NES look, with character outlines in color instead of black. It's an interesting style, but it's the animation that makes it so special. Characters and enemies are all fully animated, bosses are large and menacing, and level design is very clean.

Sounds a music are top notch. The music is all original, and fits great with the game. The music is excellent and really sounds like it's straight from an old NES classic. Well done. Sound effects are also very fitting. Although their sources are obvious (the death sound from megaman) it doesn't take away from the game, it actually adds to the quirkiness of the experience.

Lastability will be high for most players. There's a good checkpoint system, good save system, and extra lives a long the way. I was also delighted to see that I could continue right outside of a boss level! That's an excellent feature, and boy did I need it! A bit more level variety in the levels might have helped some, as world 2 just looks like a greener version of world 1. All all of the levels in each world look identical.

Overall, this is well worth the download. The story is fun, the graphics are playful, the sounds and music are excellent, and the gameplay is interesting enough to keep you coming back. Highly recommended for any casual gamer!

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