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Review: Wildhunt
Author: Mr. Esch
Added: 11/04/2006

OK another review by me (thought someone would appreciate a slightly different approach than spinny logo man's review who was probably only posting to get his points up)

Any who, my review goes as follows

Presentation: The big no-no in this was the lack of a window, I can't stand the fact there is no window. The menu is set out pretty cool (but a bit difficult to read ) - 6/10

Gameplay: What can I say? It had me hooked for a while which is unusual for me when it comes to any games. The ability to change weapons was kinda nice for something that seemed like it was so simple. - 9/10

Graphics: Well at first they did look a bit sucky (is that a word?) but they do contribute to some form of style which is pretty cool. The graphics aren't amazing but they don't obstruct the gameplay, which is the whole purpose of a game. - 7/10

Sound and music: I can say I quite enjoyed the music (it is original I wonder?)I was confused at how a small pixely dude could have such a beefy death scream - 8/10

Lastability: It was kinda fun while it lasted but I have to be honest, it didn't last too long. I got bored pretty quickly so I decided to write this review instead. It seems slightly repetitive and too slow. The combination of the 2 give it a slight bore-factor, but don't get me wrong, it does have an addictive attraction too, which is probably why I played it for as long as I did. I don't think I will play the game again but it was nice while it lasted. - 6/10

Overall: Overall I give this game 7/10. The main areas for improvement would be 1) give it a damn window and 2) make it more interesting. The storyline was a bit querky :S though I have to say this (I wasn't going to because it's opinion and not too related to games) I hate the fact it's killing animals, I don't see where the fun in that could be. That's my opinion anyway, I know a lot of country folk would say hunting is fun and us town/city folk don't really have a ground to stand on. I think the game would be more successful if it was hunting aliens or something that posed a believable threat, the hunting thing is just too contraversial.

Overall 7/10, don't belive everything I say, try it for yourself

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