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Review: NaaC BETA 2
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 01/01/2006

Mmm a nice slice of Extra - Large cheese and tomato pizza, tastes even nice after I bought it for 10p (ahh, the advantages of working in a super market)
Anyway lets talk about the 'game' shall we
Oh dear, I don't know where to begin first, I have just freshly 'completed' this game even though there isn't even a proper ending it's just a highscore table, and to make things even worse, even though I lasted longer in the arena then all the other fake players in the scoreboard and achienved a higher score I'm 6th place dammit!
Now lets *start*, first of all there's some nice graphics on the intro screen, reminds me a bit of Doom but that was a classic, unlike this. The in-game graphics are also quite impressive with the weird black tentacle splat spewn across the floor and the horrid (in a good way) enemies. After shooting masses of enemies for 25 seconds I decide I want to explore, whoops, I can't it's one of those arena shoot-em-up games, maybe there's levels or something.
Nope, just pure tack. So as the enemies are dropping dead like sacks of s***, I collect this new weapon which improves my power slightly and there's a horrible pop on my speaker as an annoying shotgun sound effect bursts blares out of it.
"Arghh! shut up!", Is what I was screaming when that idiot started saying "excellent", "destruction", and "bluorrdy hell" as if somebody had just kicked him up the ar....
And I suspect some of those sound effects are RIPPED off Quake wouldn't you say
"Bloody Monkey". (that's the name of the maker/ maker's company)
Anyway, if you want to waste two minutes of your life download this piece of s***. The sound effects/ Voiceover will make you laugh, although 80% are ripped off I'd say.
Another pile of tack, what a shame... I'd be impressed if this was a game still in it's beta test.
Yet another splodge on the Daily Click game gallery.
i'm off to review 'Space Oddity'

From Zapdude
Yes, I am back.

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