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Review: Neonair Racing
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 03/08/2005

REVIEW: Neonair Racing

STARTER: Well, I was excited to see this game come out. After alot of hype and some generocity to let you make your own characters and the 3DNESS! But, this game was some what, well pitifull.

PRESENTATION: Well the presentation was nice. A good movie and starting screen got this game off to a good start. I like how the green somehow matches the kind of game. Hmmm? But The game even had nice little slectors and other junk at the start. Even the Snerlin starting screen was cool.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is not half bad. When moving it has a very low depth perseption but other than that the gameplay was verynice. AI was wonderfull, but easy. At the start of the screen I would just WHIZ by all of them, and it was easy to keep the lead. With 5 or 4 powerups you cant go wrong. I did not get to use any beacuse of the lack of speed in the AI. But for me, two player mode didn't work. The screen got all small.

GRAPHICS: These are some of the best pixle graphics I have seen. Even in 3DNESS they were great! It was off alittle beacuse of the different graphics styles from each character but even those were good. I thought it was weird how the tombstones always are looking at you.

SOUND AND MUSIC: There is music, no sound for me though. But the music was still good. I think there was starting screen sound but Still a solid,

LASTABUILITY: The lastabuility of this game, for me It was not very long. I beat the crap out of the AI and two player mode did not work so It was down to about 45 minuets of total play time. Worth keeping: YES PLAY OFTEN: I don't

Well that leaves us with a grand total of
7/10 That makes this game good, but not great. I liked it, you should try it out.

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