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Review: Neonair Racing
Author: Muffin Batel [neonair games]
Added: 30/06/2005

Ok, here goes:

The game starts off with the usual pig-clad grim reaper(think its time for a new logo thing, eh sner sner?) then all sudden goes to this ufo blasting horizontally and parralell to earth and just for 10 seconds nothing happends

*mistake 1!*- make something happen in those first 10 seconds so the player knows that it is actually the opening, rather than a looping video!

ah well, then it goes on to a mountain crash, alien plans with a mosh pit in front of the ringleader- all is going well and the graphic style is really getting the player pumped up for this game.

nice screenshots, wacko storyline, and seemingly impossible mode 7 challenges make people just want to try this game out. Then, once the player starts out, they are addicted to winning- i mean, cmon- why quit when you only came in 4th place? The layout with the different cups, 2player mode, etc, make this a wonderfully presented game- even advertised in earlier games!

mode 7 - 0/10
snerlin - 10/10

simple enough, mode 7 sucks but snerlin manages to break its limits and come out with an ok gameplay, but its awsome for being a mode 7 racer!

look at that detail in the cup trophies? i mean, thats pretty dang good! great snes sprites, great enemies(dancing sheeps! oh noes!!!), and an excellent job on the racing atmosphere.
too bad mode 7 doesnt rate the distance/size ratio of objects very well (do i see an mode 7-2 in the future, eh?, eh?)

Sound and Music
everything fit except a couple
nirvana? grandma got ranover....?
those ones didnt quite fit the game too well, maybe nirvana though...

10/10- cant get many more features without devoting your life to this single game, eh nastyman?
2 player mode
3 cup races
3 bosses
12 courses?

overall great!

Sound and Music:

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