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Review: Typing Teacher
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 22/04/2005

This is one of those great games that comes around every now and then. It is a great way to learn how not to type like phizzy. Two fingers and a cactus to type. If I already didnt know how to type then I would use this every day to learn. THis is great for beginers. I would recomend this to anyone...........need to catch up with numbers but lets all give a here here to this excellent game
Ok enough of that hitler.......on witht he reveiw!!!

Presentation: the presentation of this game is peek and perfect. There is no flaw except.......nothing great job. I like the examples that it shows you. very nice how you do that. Make a typing toutor for the entire keyboard nextime!!!!!

Gameplay: NOt really a game but I will bite. There is great typing abuilitys involved to be GOOD at this game. Not much with game play but a great techer not like the ones at school.\

Graphics: I love the keyboard. Did you do it yourself? Because it is really good looking. NOt much other graphics in this game but that so I will just shut up now about this and jsut move on.

Sound and music: I heard no sound or music from this becuase my speakers are not working. Is there a voice or something......That would be so cool. I will not grade down on this for you.......

Lastabuility: Does a lesson last? This one does.......better that school i would say.............yep........ it is actually preety good so I will just stop there. Later

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