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Typing Teacher
Author: Crystal Clear (H.E.S) Submitted: 21st April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 126

Typing Teacher is exactly what the title says, it teaches you how to type faster and more accurate.

* Lessons: Typing Teacher teaches you the "Home Key" typing method, with over 15 lessons covering the keys.

* Visual Keyboard: Tells you the next key you need to press, trains the user to focus on the screen rather then looking down at the keyboard

* Typing Games(Pong): A fun way of testing your reflexs in pressing keys, includes 3 difficulties

* Typing Statistics: Shows you your typing statistics throughout each lesson, your first time it took you to complete, your best time and current. to show you how youve improved, how many words you can type, plus much more.

*Info Bar: displays the time its taking you to complete a lesson, how many words youve completed and how many you have to go.

*Typing Engine: Highlights were you are upto in typing, allows you to pause your lesson and resume it or stop it completely, plus much more.

*Alt Keys: Simple "Alt" key chart for quick refrence to use symbols such as and .
Basically it teaches you to type better and faster, play typing games, look at the screen rather then the keyboard with the new Visual keyboard, view your typing stats and how your progressing and have a bit of fun

I tried to make it as simple and as stable as i could, everything is created by Crystal Clear Productions & Heretic Emu Studios 2005 , Special Thanks to Tigerworks for the Word count method, Enjoy!

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Posted by DaVince 21st April, 2005

Lookin' neat! Though the keyboard does look flat...
Posted by hop 21st April, 2005

I like the look of the keyboard.
Posted by hop 21st April, 2005

Hmm It says forbidden how do I download it?
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st April, 2005

Kool. I need help with my typing. :D
Posted by hop 21st April, 2005

O there now it worked for me.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 21st April, 2005

"Though the keyboard does look flat... " theres my art skills for ya :D
Posted by Klikmaster 22nd April, 2005

I keep getting forbidden
Posted by Dave Matthew (Jester Gaming) 22nd April, 2005

How about us with european keyboards?!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd April, 2005

At least we can type pound signs.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 22nd April, 2005

well i couldnt be stuffed doing anything other then QWERTY lol "I keep getting forbidden " works for me? just clikty-click:
Posted by Nuklear41 22nd April, 2005

Nice, this deserves a review
Posted by Leerz 23rd April, 2005

"I keep getting forbidden " :(
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd April, 2005

Based upon Nuklears review, I think someone should make a "Spelling Teacher" application ;)
Posted by Joshtek 23rd April, 2005

Crystal: Us brits also have QWERTY... just a more localised QWERTY.
Posted by Callum 23rd April, 2005

Slightly strange that there is no pound (GBP) key or euro key, and that the @ sign is above the number 2. And there is a missing button on the ASD row at the very right that normally has # and ~ on it. Nice app though
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 24th April, 2005

Phizzy: LOL Callum and Joshtek: Thats an Aussie keyboard for ya :D Nuklear: thanks for the review :D BTW no sound & music except for the pong game :( and yes i did the Keyboard myself, took awhile putting all the keys together.
Posted by T3hCircle 2nd May, 2005

Looks cool, but i think i dont need more typing skills more :D
Posted by Garth G 5th June, 2005

yeeh ii thinking i needing not typskilllss more. lmao. -----JUST KIDDING------ I love the keyboard. Lots of work must of been put into this =-)






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