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Review: Dc Ninja
Author: Jason Orme
Added: 12/01/2005

DC Ninja is your basic side scrolling beat em up, with a few areas to break up the repeated formular.

The game play is simier to double dragon, which is of course a side scrolling beat em up.
You have to go screen to screen beating up anything that comes in your way, aswell as dodging many different items.
The levels use the standard fight your way through the level and then fight the end boss.
The end of level bosses have certain tactics to destroying them, which adds abit of veriation to a somewhat repeatative game. Levels are also broke up by things such as you fly down screen on a cload dodging things and smashing enemies into the walls, also I played somthing else where I was some kind of ball, and I had to make my way to the end while dodging skulls and trying to dodge enemy paths.
At the end of the level you are rewarded with a new techniqued, although I found myself never really using them.

I personally didnt like the controls, there was no diagnal movement, which is essential for side scrollers, this possibly could have been removed so that the jumping worked. The ground also feld slippery, which took some getting use to.

The graphics are great, although ripped, which doesnt bother me in the slightest as they were ripped well, and fitted the game perfectly.
Most graphics were of course pallet swaps, but again, to me it gives this game an arcade feel, remember the ninja turtles arcade game, in which the foot soldiers had different colored outfits for their varied attacks? it gave a nice touch to the game. I think alot of the backgrounds were infact ripped from the Goemon / mystical ninja games, which if your going for oriental backdrops, those are the best.

It all seemed rather quiet.. and then loud..
Many times i had to turn my speakers up, and then down. But what I heard reminded me of mystical ninja / goemon (since alot of it was from those games).
the sound wasnt too noticable, possibly due to the standard fighting sound effects.

Replay Value:
Replay value is somthing this game certainly has, the save feature is also a very nice touch, as you dont have to repeat all the past levels.

Final Verdict:
The game has great potential and if it wasnt for programming flaws this game could really be somthing, it makes a change to play a scrolling beat em up that isnt one of my own.
Maybe if the click community pulled together they could work on this game, and make it a true beat em up classic.

Sound and Music:

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