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Review: Dc Ninja
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 11/01/2005

Dc Ninja is a nifty little game that was submitted recently. Its a side scrolling beat em up with a Daily Click theme. It should be strongly noted that the only relation to DC comes with the names of things. This game could have easily been about something different just by changing the names, which in my opinion would have made it better. It would appeal to a broader audience without so many references to things that only a Daily Click fan would know about. Some guy in Alaska right now is asking himself "Save Circy? Who the hell is Circy?"

Graphically, this game is wonderful. Everything fits in just right for this game. Fantastic.

Sounds are equally impressive and suit the game well.

I like the control scheme for the ninja. It takes a little getting used to, as the floors always feel a bit slippery. But you get used to them and it never bogs you down. The combat was nice, and the slippery feel always stopped while fighting. Combat felt solid.

There may have been some things that could have used some attention as far as coding. I got stuck in level 2 when there was a guy on the roof shooting bullet/grenades at me. There didnt seem to be anything I could do. I could walk off-screen but the screen wouldnt follow. After a few minutes of running on and off screen, I gave up. Later I was told that I needed to use my new shift trick. But for many gamers, this may be a "sticking" point.

This is a small download and a fun game to play. It also comes in a category for which there are not many entries. Its hard to make a good beat'em up, Ive tried. This is certainly one of the best in that genre, so I highly recommend a download. I will try again soon to see if I missed something.

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