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Review: Run Away
Author: AndyUK
Added: 06/09/2004


The game starts with a nice slow fading logo and then the title screen, The title screen shows off the arena in which we will be playing.
The Options are kept small because this is a very simple game, you can either play, quit or find out how to play, not that it is that difficult to play.


I like games like this, where the game is simple yet very playable. All you do is walk in eight directions and avoid balls, not the most original ideas ever since i myself have made a similar game but easy to make games don't always have much effort put into them. You can also collect powerups that randomly appear
Red: slows down the balls
green: speeds the gameplay up
blue: gives you 15000 points
the downside here is that because these are random, one lucky sod could get a couple of blue powerups and shoot to the top of the highscore table (its online too!!!)

The whole game is basically one screen with a little man and some balls, you can see effort when you look at the crowd and the flashy lights around the arena, The graphics arent really fantastic since there is one screen but they are better than a lot of click games ive played.

There are three sounds i heard during play. The balls hitting the wall (bleep!), Collecting a powerup (bleep!) and you player getting splattered (ooorrgghhhh) Thats it.
The music is techno dancy sort of stuff, its mainly background music and fits in with the futuristic sport theme.

This is a tough call since you may play it once and give up or keep playing until you get a place in the top 15. On my third try i got to number 5 on the highscore table. However this game was released only yesterday so i say get in there while its still young!

you need 25000 to get on the highscore
and 50000 to beat no 1 at the moment

Overall: Nice little game, its a shame its already more popular than my dodge ball style game!

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