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Run Away
Author: Saven (CrobaSoft) Submitted: 5th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 144

Edited By Saven (CrobaSoft) on 10/23/2005

It's the year 3056 and you are a contestant Lazer Ball, in the galaxy's most popular blood sport. In Lazer Ball you most avoid the balls for as long as possible, while collecting Power-ups and bonuses. Simple, right?
Every 30 seconds a new ball is added to the game, decreasing your odds of survival, but adding to your points.

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EDIT: High-scores are fixed and the screenshots work again

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Posted by haloboycs 5th September, 2004

Neat, an online score
Posted by Aaron Tomko 5th September, 2004

I'm number 1 with 42,000+ Woohoo! Nice game Saven. The walking animation could have used some work, but it's really fun. Simple but fun. Very nice work.
Posted by DukeMS 5th September, 2004

Thumbs up man, that was funny!
Posted by Willy C 5th September, 2004

its cool, but I think its done before by newklear or something
Posted by Kirby Smith 5th September, 2004

Fun game. Aaron, you have a new score to beat. 46,594.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 5th September, 2004

@Willy: Newklear made arena survivor (?), which has similar game play. Thanks for the positive comments! :)
Posted by Kris 6th September, 2004

impressive! could we have a music toggle button though?
Posted by AndyUK 6th September, 2004

I also made a game similar to this however it was platform movemement, not top down. (Buzz dodge ball mini) not many people played it though. this is pretty cool thumbs up from me!
Posted by AndyUK 6th September, 2004

i just played it again and was doing pretty well but it crashed!!!
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 6th September, 2004

@AndyUK: Thats the first time i've heard that it crashed, I wonder what made it crash? :/ Thanks for the review! :) @Kris: Music on/off button coming up! :)
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 6th September, 2004

there you go, Kris, a music toggle button. It's on the instructions screen.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 6th September, 2004

Great game, but whynot call it Lazer ball since it is the name of the "sport" you are playing?
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 6th September, 2004

I thought of the name Run Away before I came up with the story, and I was too lazy to change the banner on the main menu. Also, I think Run Away is more descriptive. :)
Posted by Coop 6th September, 2004

Hah, this games great
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 6th September, 2004

Saven, you're so damn lazy, man! XD
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 6th September, 2004

I am not! now excuse me, I'm gonna go procrastinate somewhere.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 6th September, 2004

:'(it crashed when i almost beat Kirby's score :'(
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 6th September, 2004

Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 7th September, 2004

Posted by Kirby Smith 7th September, 2004

High scores are broken... I got over 40,000 again. 4 balls on screen is pretty hard.
Posted by Kris 7th September, 2004

Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 7th September, 2004

Something screwed up when I added the music on/off button, which wouldn't alow it to open the webpage and submit the score. I fixed it and re-uploaded it. Everyone can blame Kris for the highscores not working. XD
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 8th September, 2004

Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th September, 2004

the online hiscore dont work.. it didnt add my name (i got 44000) are those realy real media files? how to play those? and how to speed em up?
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 8th September, 2004

they are Mods with a .ram (Run Away Music) extension. I have yet to figure out how to play them outside of multimedia fusion, but if you want to play them in your games download the modfusionDX extension. It allows you to change the tempo, volume, and other options. Highscore work just fine for me, :/ did it bring up a webpage when you hit enter?
Posted by antium 10th September, 2004

Ha... addictive game!
Posted by Bricnic 10th September, 2004

Nice game. I just got 60993 on my first try and it refused to post the score.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 11th September, 2004

I don't know why it won't work for people, :/ but I put your score on the board. You're on the board as 'Nic' Good luck beating his score, everyone! :)
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 13th September, 2004 The same thing happened to me, what an insane score! It might be something to do with your scoreboard being full and not being able to 'dump' older scores or something. Just a guess. It looks like it's been working fine previously.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 13th September, 2004

There ya go, your on the boards. Server side works fine, I think the problem is including the http:// in the url or not. I'm gonna add a submission method button on the instructons screen and see if that fixes the problem.
Posted by Blackgaze 23rd October, 2004

yeah I did make "Arena Survivor". But this is still another game, at least this person used no ripped graphics, unlike I did in the past. I hate myself...
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 8th November, 2004

It's ok, spider, now that you have admitted your sins the healing can begin. :P
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 12th November, 2004

LoL. I can already picture myself Saven as a priest.. as he is one hell of a hoogleliboogle
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 20th November, 2004

And you are but a lowly Hoogle, now get down and grovel!






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