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Review: Ball Platform Country
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 09/02/2004

This is Mingy Jongo's second game. It happens to be a sequal to his fairly good first game, BALL PLATFORM. BALL PLATFORM COUNTRY has improved from the previous installment.

PRESENTATION: This time there is a title screen, but its a bit bland . But its a big improvement from the first one . And the game itself still needs backdrops!

GAME PLAY: Fairly simeler (God that's spelled wrong ). You control your little ball character around the screen. You must navagate to the exit platform. Updates from the previous verison: A map screen was added, and it features some origanal graphics. Also, there are boss levels in which you shoot little bombs at the bosses. There is one thing I didn't like, though: The final boss was just an inflated version of the other baddies. Just work on that, okay. But the game itself is very fun.

MUSIC: This time there was music. It was very good, too! According to the author, the music was composed by Isvaffel. The music fit right along with the game itself. Great composing, Isvaffel!
As for the sound: there still isn't any. But that's okay.

Graphics: Same problem with the last one: There are mostly Library Graphics. But my very first games had ripped graphics (Now I use MMF)! And I was informed by DC mail that Mingy Jongo is working on his own graphics for a new Ball Platform .

LASTABILTY/OVERALL: BALL PLATFORM COUNTRY lasts as along as the game itself. It is very fun while it lasts, and I feel that its better too not make the game so long that you loose intrest in making it. This is a big improvement from the previous one. So if you want to play a small game that isn't too hard, then download Ball Platform Country!

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