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Review: Pong Pack
Author: Spram
Added: 15/10/2003

This is a collection of Pong games, each getting better than the last, most of them pretty innovative.

The presentation (Menu) is pretty bland, but has everything you need to see, a help section, a credits section, exit game and the games.

Most of the games are normal pong, but feature some sort of gymick that makes it play differently, Planet Pong for example has you trying to destroy the enemies planets with your ball or the ocassional slow-moving "laser", Space Pong has black holes and dissapearing bars that reflect the ball back.

Of the Pong games, I found these to be the best:

1. Double Pong: You control two paddles, they both move the same, but on one screen you must catch (not bounce) balls, while on the other you must avoid them. Plays more like a Tetris-style puzzler than Pong, and that's good, giving the game some variety.

2. Duck Pong: Really neat game in which your ball is a target and you must hit the ducks before they escape and avoiding sparrow poop. This one is pretty fun, but gets old quickly and the ball's speed doesn't seem to rise too much.

3. Fireman Pong: You control a slow-moving ball of water that can bounce off fires and take them out in the proccess. Some people walk around and you must hit them with the ball to save them. It's fun but kinda slow, I wish I could increase the balls speed somehow.

4. Castle Pong: This one is pretty awesome. You and the computer both have a castle and, like breakout, you must hit the walls to destroy them, exposing the king inside. Hit the king to win! You also have cannons which shoot if you grab the cannon powerup and an archer will ocasionally pop up. It would be cooler if you could mix it up with Rampart and make it so you could build your own castle and stuff, but that's more complicated.

The graphics are pretty generic, nothing out of the ordinary here, but I cant expect much from a pong game.

Sounds are ok. Music is a mixed bag, I didn't like it much, but some themes were fitting.

The game wont really last long, I only played each game once and moved on to the next (and as I said, they get better) which would be ok for a small download, but this is 8MB you're downloading and the game takes 15MB, so unless you have enough storage memory/high speed connection and love pong to the max, dont get this game.

If you want to see some creative uses of Pong, then download, it's a neat diversion for a while.

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