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Pong Pack
Author: Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) Submitted: 15th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 153

Edited By AntiMatter Entertainment on 10/20/2003

Please don't let the word 'Pong' draw you away from this game. Now, I know Pong is almost the oldest game ever, and there have been countless remakes, rip-offs, and variations of the game, but this is not just Pong again. I'm not even a Pong fan. This is the reason I've made a Pong game, because I thought it would be a challenge to make a Pong game entertaining, to say the least. Well, I think I've succeeded as it's pretty popular at my school and with my friends.

This game isn't 8 MB for nothing. Pong Pack contains nine unique Pong games, each with their own set of rules, and they are all basically different games in their own right, despite the fact that they're all driven by a Pong engine. They are, in chronological order:

Alien Juggle-
The player uses his/her paddle to deflect balls and prevent them from touching the bottom of the screen. There are several different coloured balls that affect the others on impact in a variety of ways. Also, you have the ability to use three slimes, which push balls that you're about to miss up to the top again. The game has a 'slime' theme and if you're lucky, a ball of slime will deflect a ball that you've missed.

Alien Pong-
Just like the old pong game, with some more things chucked in. Black holes randomly appear and suck the ball in, flinging it in a random direction. The sides of the play are also have orbs that produce beams of light, flicking the ball when it touches them. The aim, like the original, is to hit the opponent's side of the screen with the ball.

Pong Invaders-
In this game, the player uses their paddle to deflect incoming alien lasers back at them. Any lasers that are missed hit the bottom of the screen and fire three other lasers upwards - lasers that actually hurt you! The game also features a boss with several attack methods and much more armour than standard alien ships.

Dodge Pong-
The player must avoid falling meteors with their paddle, then quickly get behind them to absorb the valuable trails in order to get their points up to scratch. Survive 10 rounds and you are pitted against the major meteor - a large force of destruction.

Planetary Pong-
A remake of one of the first games I ever made, in this game, the players have five planets each that they must protect from the other player's attempts to destroy them, with lasers, the ball, and random 'shooting star' events! Protecting your planets is a must, because the amount you have left at the end of each round determines how much score you recieve.

Double Pong-
The player controls two paddles at the same time (both have the same controls, so you must move both at once), and must dodge deadly balls, while collecting ones that give you points. This game is tricky, and concentration is needed because it gradually gets faster.

Duck Hunt Pong-
The 'ball' is a targeting cursor that bounces around, and the player uses space to shoot anything under it. The aim is to shoot down ducks and gain points from them. Gore can be toggled, and there are neat-o special effects, such as feathers floating down from a blasted bird.

Pong Firefighting-
At the start of each round, fire is spewed out from a burning building's window, and must be extinguished via the water-made ball, or the powerful water cannon powerup. You can also get a ladder powerup to increase your paddle size. The aim is to stop people from being destroyed by the fires.

Pong Castles-
Each player has a king surrounded by blocks. The aim is to hit the enemy's king with anything at your disposal. The ball is a boulder from a catapult that is bounced around, which destroys blocks, and there are also random events such as a rogue archer that attacks the players, and powerups like the cannon powerup that fires cannonballs at the enemy's castle.

Each game that has a computer controlled opponent also has a two-player option to try and beat your friends at. Also, your score for each game is kept and you can always try to beat your previous record.

I hope you can find enjoyment in a genre that is all but dead in the entertainment sense, because I worked hard on this!

Screenshots can be found here:

PS. Sorry that it's hosted on WinSite, but I couldn't find anywhere else that let me upload an 8 MB file for free.

PPS. Special thanks to Mindstorms for it hosts the screenshots!

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Posted by Smeggy 15th October, 2003

Whoo, sounds good, I'll check it out..
Posted by HOSJ 15th October, 2003

its not bad, but PLEASE PLEASE dont waste your efforts on more pong games in the future. Make something worthwile- unique.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 15th October, 2003

Point taken! I wasn't planning on it anyway, I just thought I'd take a trip down nostalagia lane (A pong game was my first ever, and I'm sure I'm not alone there).
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 15th October, 2003

Thanks for the review, Spram!
Posted by Spram 16th October, 2003

Yep. I forgot the game is 2-player, if I had know, I would have upped the lastability score. But it's almost impossible for me to find someone to play a game with me.
Posted by yuyu 16th October, 2003

its got some real good ideas!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 16th October, 2003

hmm...but i canīt download...
Posted by HOSJ 17th October, 2003

Well, i think most ppl here will recall my HEXAPONG- which happened to win second place in a contest... That was my first game. This could be some real fun with better gfx and such.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 18th October, 2003

Seriously HOSJ, i think itīs very good graphics allready ;)
Posted by Assault Andy 18th October, 2003

Really Good, nice ideas.
Posted by yuyu 19th October, 2003

yea it is pretty popular at school. Bloody teacher keep catchin me tho!
Posted by Kris 19th October, 2003

Pong IS the oldest game ever...! Computer game anyway...
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 19th October, 2003

HOSJ: I've never played it, but I might download it when I have the chance. Assault Andy: Thanks! Yuyu: The teachers at our school seem to have eagle eyes, don't they? At least they can't keep the game off the system! Kris: It's the oldest computer game with any sort of graphics. The first game was a mathematical one, on a rather large computer with a series of flashing lights representing numbers, I believe.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 20th October, 2003

The ball's speed increases gradually as you play in five of the nine games. The exceptions are Alien Juggle, Pong Invaders (There's no ball, but the projectile speed increases each time you defeat a boss so the speed does increase), Dodge Pong (but the 'rate of fire' for the meteors increases), and Pong Firefighting (when you get to the later buildings you'll think the fairly slow ball speed is a good idea). A speed option is a good idea, I may update this game if I get around to it.
Posted by Mark 23rd October, 2003

Actaully I think Spacewar was the first video game; followed by a Tennis Game. Nolan Bushnell just copied the ideas for "Computer Space" and "Pong" and put them in arcades.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 23rd October, 2003

You may be right, there. I remember a documentary on Spacewar from somewhere.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 23rd October, 2003

Woohoo! Over 100 downloads (WinSite statistics).
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th October, 2003

Would anyone else like to review this game for me?
Posted by Jamesbuc 11th February, 2004

:O This is the best pong game ive played!!!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 12th September, 2004

Wow, thanks Jamesbuc. I never expected this game to be so well recieved, most people assume that if it's a pong game it'll suck.






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