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Review: Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse
Author: Metal Maiden
Added: 05/09/2003

This game is, by far, one of the best platform games here on the Daily Click. Many people will say that it's size is too big or the graphics look terrible. Well people, some of the best games can easily overlooked, and Stian Berge's Hell Creatures & Rotten Corpse is a perfect example.

After DIF software's logo, a skull character goes "Hell Creatures rotten corpse!". Then we are told the game's story. The Princess of Serena has dissapeared and the Hell Creatures must have taken her to the Forgotten Castle of Terror! Next we are shown a cool looking picture of Richard and several of the game's monsters. Looks great!

Basic control here. You can find chests in each stage and get a new weapon or health. The weapons are all diffrent work diffrently against each demon. There's a lot of weapons to get, and some of te latter ones look downright cool. I recently found two new ones which I never saw before, and I thought I found them all! The only gripe I ever had was that touching any demon for a few seconds can nearly kill you! However this makes the game harder, and will make you better at it eventually.

Not many people seemed to like the graphics of this game. Hell, I like it! The demons have plenty of animation considering how large they are and how many there are (over 20 to be exact!) There is shading in them despite what some say.
The weapons are sub-par at first, the spear does'nt look to great, but this are onl minor things that do not affect the game at all.

The music of this game fits so perfectly, you'd almost believe Metallica wrote Fade to Black for the first stage. The other musics fit perfectly with the stage's atmosphere and provide excellent background music. The sound effects are all original and sound great!

The dificulty is enough to make anyone come back and try to beat it. You'll always be like, what! How'd I die! Man, I guess I gotta try again, and this'l continue for a few hours! The password is a good feature too. Once you've beaten it you may want to take a crack at the Hardcore mode, which is dificult, as if the game wasn't hard already! Beating it without the secret weapon will get you some codes, so I hear.

This game is a pure classic and the ending is very, very good. Play this bad boy and try to beat it! It's very good!

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