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Review: Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse
Author: Ben Gregory
Added: 11/10/2002

I've been playing each release of this game since the first demo of the first world was available, and I love it!
I've never played another Click game anywhere near as much as I've played this. MIDIs of Metallica and Iron Maiden, original sound effects ("Richaaard... come fiind herr..."), and all original graphics combine to give this game its own unique character. As someone else said, you can see the author had fun making it.

The controls for the game are simple but the gameplay is challenging and there's a bit of skill to it. Some of the jumping and dodging you're expected to do gets a bit too tough at times.

One of the good things in the gameplay is how the bosses and most of the normal baddies use patterns. You have to work out the timing and methods in their attacks, and use these to your advantage. Examples include ghosts that move closer each time you move, a boss that shoots at your position each time you hit him, spiders that only attack if you touch their webs etc. There are often right and wrong approaches and strategies to learn. There's also the classics like moving platforms that descend into the lava, and crushing things you have to run under at the right time.

Everything has been executed okay, and combined in such a way that it adds a little depth. The weapons add to this - each has its own strengths and you'll want different ones at different times.

What has kept me playing this game is the combination of all these things. Even though it's hard, I want to keep playing just to beat it, to look at the next creepy monsters and laugh at the cheesy storyline. Now that I've finally beaten the game (I am the master!), I'm waiting for the author to complete the ending sequence.

I'm sure that not everyone will understand this game, but I find it unique, playable and addictive. Awesome stuff.


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