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Review: Emulsion
Author: gizmo
Added: 27/08/2003

Emulsion is a testris stylee game where you remove the colour blocks with your paint cans, and here is my review of it.

Presentation ::
Great, the menus compliment each other well, with little particles flying when a button appears. Options menus are clean and easy to understand.

Gameplay ::
Although a little confusing at first (probabily cos of me not reading things properly) it was relatively easy then to figure it out and begin getting multiplers and bonus points. Enjoyable to play with good rewards for playing good. A well as a good selection of modes, so if you get bored with standard playing. Go on a time attack mode to race against the clock. This expands the games appeal to many kinds of players.

Graphics ::
Good again, clean, colourfull and not painfull to look at, like every game should look. No high contrasts either, so nothing looks out of place.

Sound ::
Music matches the game perfectly with a jazzy feel and sounds arent too loud as such to annoy me, just right and bang on time.

Lastability ::
Addictive!! I had to pull myself away just to review this, almost as addictive as tetris, but not enough to drive me away from making my own stuff But most people i think will be playing for hours! And thats only on one mode

Overall ::
Great game, deserves every good review coming too it. FireMonkey hasnt disapointed us at all (touch wood) and never will (touch wood again) i do hope he keeps up the good work.

I strongly reccommend this to anyone


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