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Review: Tremor Beta Build 100(x)
Author: Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo)
Added: 28/07/2003

I know I have already reviewed this game but now there are more Tremor members (220 or so) and there are new features!!!

Presentation =

When you start a cool layout shows up. It looks very professional. You have to sign in. Then there appears a "Join Game" menu. You can chat there. Last couple of days the chat server is down . But still very nice done. The options are very handy. There isn't a help (it doesn't work) but that isn't really necessary.

Gameplay =

First the servers weren't always online. But now you can host your own game!!! There isn't always somebody online. But still, there are very much weapons. From a chainsaw to a Flame Thrower. Very cool. There are two scrolling modes, fast (boundary) and slow (center). There is no oneplayer mode so you can't play alone. (You can, but it isn't fun if you walk around the battlefield alone )

Graphics =

They look really great. Very much blood, and cool explosions. The players look normal but not special. There are are many levels and they all look great but not every level is good designed.

Sound and Music =

Not so much sounds. Music is cool now. Some of the soundtracks are cool. You can use music of a CD (that is a option, haven't tried).

Lastability =

Well, if you can find many players to play with, very, very long. It is really cool to see somebody, run after him/her and to kill him/her!!! That gives a real rush. There is also a map editor/creator. You can just design your own levels!!! KEWL!!!!

All the options =

You can assign the keys
You can switch custom skins on/off
You can set the scrolling boundary/center
You can host a game (need special file)
You can create maps (need special file)
You can set packet sending rate(handy)

points =

Great graphics!
Very many weapons!
Cool to kill people!
Can create own maps!
Can host game!
Large community (I'm 12th!!!)!
Not many crashes!

points =

The bullets don't go that far
Not always many peeps online
Servers don't always work

Sound and Music:

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