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Review: Wizard Wars
Author: S Radley
Added: 13/07/2003

It's been a long time, but I'm back for another review. This time on my hit list is the recent mini-epic rpg experience from Snerlin of Neonair, famed for his earlier games such as Sweet Legends.

Cutting to the chase, I guess I'll tell you that this game is entertaining and the graphics are good, but the gameplay strangely lacks.

Starting first with the presentation, I'd have to say that's it's really quite reasonably cool. The beginning logo has this cool "wavy" effect, and the introduction sets up the story quickly with some nice-looking graphics. The menu is small but functional, though I gotta say that the Legend of Dragoon battle music wouldn't have been my first choice for title music.

Now, I'm going to skip ahead and talk about the graphics, simply because as far as Click games go, this game is rawkin. It's all original as far as I can tell, well drawn and shaded, and all this seemingly with just TGF's drawing tool. Most impressive. Unfortunately, there's an occasional resized sprite that looks like a reject from an 80s Atari game. Thankfully, this is pretty rare.

The sound and music, as usual is a mixed bag. The sound, as far as I can tell, does not exist. Nothing except for a few choice things actually makes noise. The world of wizard wars must be a sucky place to live if nothing makes noise, since that means there isn't any air. But seriously, the music is all right. Though clearly not original, most of it fits well, except for the aforementioned title music. Bleh.

Ok, finally, I just have to talk about the gameplay. It's strangely entertaining at first, and the environments are varied. Unfortunately, the gameplay is not. You simply run around a short level, zapping creatures with spells and solving an ocassional puzzle (ie, finding the right spell to hit a rock with), until you fight a boss with strong offense and ridiculously weak defense. It's all very formulaic. Probably my biggest complaint about it is that so many of the spells are extraneous...only a few actually serve a distinct purpose, and some of those that do aren't needed anyway. Honestly, when it only takes one or two hits to kill an enemy, why do you need a spell that holds him down with a thornbush?

Ok, seriously folks, even if the gameplay is admittedly mediocre, you will at least find yourself playing all the way through to the end. I find that rare with many click games. It's an appreciated quality here.

So in the end...good presentation, great graphics, mediocre gameplay and missing sound...well, yes it really is a rather mediocre game. But it's a GOOD mediocre! Really, it's just under 2 megabytes. I wasn't horribly entertained by this, but you might be.

Your mileage may vary.

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