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Review: Wizard Wars
Author: Spram
Added: 04/07/2003

I'm on a download frenzy today and of all the games that I downloaded, this is the one that's gonna get a review from me. It's also the only one I finished.

The graphics are good, but they could have been a lot better. I dont know if they were all done by the same person but some look good and some look terrible (pixelated palm trees for example). But at the end they are pretty charming.

The game consists of a few levels and at the end you get to fight a small boss and win a magic spell. Even numbered stages contain a minigame, some which are pretty cool and some which are cool but slightly difficult. The only two times I died in the game where on the mine-cart level which was well done, but not as good as Fishhead's car levels.. (I played on easy by the way)

The magic spells you get at the end of each boss fight are either really good or useless. I never used the thorn circle thing except to try it out and the wall-busting bubbles where only used once (maybe there's something hidden somewhere which requeires the bubbles, but I havent checked). But it's a good addition to the game and adds variety. I also liked that it was easy to circle thruogh the spells and you didn't have to press 1 or 2 all the way up there. And by the way, unlike megaman, you cannot choose levels, but must beat them linearly.

The level design is not the greatest thing ever, but it's not as bad as some other games I've played. A few levels torwards the middle were VERY short.. Actually, all levels except the second one are short, and that's because of the minecart ride. The game itself is pretty short, I beat it on my first try in half an hour.

The control of the game is fine, but your character bounces when he collides with the background, and in one part, collided with nothing at all. I would have liked it more if he just stoped.

The music, unfortunately, is recognizable Square stuff. Matoya's cave, Gurguru Volcano and others. I mostly ignore it. The sounds are ok, nothing stood out.

So there, my first review in a long time. I wish to give this game 9 stars, but I'll go with 8 because I see a lot more potential in the creator. He could have done it longer, better looking and more polished.. Some areas where better than others after all.

Random note: This reminds me of a game I was making in Klick n Play a long time ago (1995-1996) that got erased. It's similar and brought back memories.

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