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Review: Colaworm 1.2.1
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 10/07/2003

Having had this game on my hard drive for absolutely months now, I thought I had better get around to actually writing a review of the thing. I can't get on to the site much these days, having a 56k connection with the cable literally held in by blu-tack, so don't count on getting a review from me until the middle of September.

Snake games aren't exactly difficult to find on The Daily Click, but there was an even bigger snake-game making trend a while ago (to which I was a proud contributor). I have to say that this one surpasses pretty much all the others that I've seen, but it bears a striking resemblance to one of the first ever games that I reviewed - my guess is that it's an update. Damned if I can remember what its name was, though.

Anyway, in this particular variation on a theme you're given two types of game - arcade and level modes. The arcade mode is what you might call "traditional" Snake, with you trying to survive and grow as long as possible before smashing in to a wall and exploding bloodily. The effect is pretty good, even if it's a little on the strange side including it in a Snake game. I like the way the eyes bounce out particularly. Level mode is slightly different, in that you have a target number of points to reach to go on to the next level. Obstacles such as extra walls and rival Snakes appear on some levels to spice things up a bit.

Instead of just collecting dots, apples, pizzas, telephone books, little Chinese dentists or whatever else you might find in a Snake game (and admittedly I might have made some of that list up), your quest is to collect bottles of Cola, which drain all the time you're floundering around trying to get to them. The number of points you get is dependent on how much of the bottled toothrot that there is left when you reach it - a nice idea that discourages the age-old "circle around the screen then dive in to the centre to pick up a dot" tactic that I usually employ.

Level mode is the real meat of the game, and believe me, it's difficult. I couldn't help but feel that the 320x200 play area was a little small, though, especially considering the speed of the snake and its sensitive steering. Still, maybe that's just me being incompetent, it's twenty five past midnight after all. I couldn't get beyond level ten without using all my continues. However, it's not impossibly hard, just frustratingly hard, and that's usually a good thing - and I was awarded a checkpoint for beating Level 10, which is a nice touch.

As for sound, you get a "Whee!" or belching sound every time you drink a bottle, which you'll probably want to turn off after you've heard them twice. The music is good, though, and fits the game well - nice to listen to but it's not distracting.

The whole game is very well drawn and presented (there's even a choice of three languages!), and I really can't think of anything that's majorly wrong with it. That's how to keep the score high, you know.

I also have to say that the author has really got the hang of writing a good description - something that's often overlooked.

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