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Colaworm 1.2.1
Author: Max Submitted: 25th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 107

Edited By Max on 1/27/2005

Edited By Max on 2/21/2004

Edited By Max on 2/21/2004

Get ready for lots of cola drinking action! In this latest Snake clone which is a cooperative effort between me and Jusargh from Masaware, you play the part of a worm crawling to the leaking cola bottles that appear as fast as he can. The faster he gets them, the more points you get. However, a single bump on your ever-growing body or on the edges of the screen and the ride's over! In Colaworm, expect to see the following:

- A classic "beat-your-own-score" arcade mode.
- A challenging level mode that require you to raise a certain score in order to advance to the next level. Most of these levels are filled with deadly obstacles such as blocks, enemy worms, fans and even black holes!
- English, finnish and french translations.
- Entirely original and dynamic soundtrack from yours truly.
- Neat worm dying sequences (if you don't like violence, you can always turn the death sequences off)
- Addictive, simple and fun gameplay.
- More surprises lie ahead, have fun discovering them!

Will you become the ultimate cola drinking worm champion? It is up to you to find it out. Good luck!

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Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 27th May, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 27th May, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 27th May, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 27th May, 2003

arrrgghhh double post XD
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 27th May, 2003

yes that is true.
Posted by J.J 27th May, 2003

This was OK :D
Posted by Phredreeke 27th May, 2003

ok, this is really good. but maybe it's just cause I like simple classic games such as these.
Posted by The_one 28th May, 2003

woohoo this is hella funny!
Posted by Jusargh 27th January, 2005

Colaworm v1.2.1 released.





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