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Review: Mini Blast (demo)
Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios)
Added: 09/07/2003

Mini Blast Demo is a game featuring 6 fun mini games. You must complete each mini game to unlock the 1 after it untill you have completed the whole game.

Mini Blast is presented in a good way, the first time you play you have to enter a name for a player then you get to customise him. Before each level you get a well laid out screen telling you what to do, how long you have and what you have to do, plus there is a pic of each level som you know what to expect.

The gameplay is good, the character is easy to control and moves where you tell him to, which makes means no battling with character, trying to get him to move where you want. The mini games are fun too and I liked them all, usually you'd get one you don't like in a game like this.

Most of the Graphics are 3D Rendered, this works very well with the game. All the graphics are smooth colourfull and without making it like a scene from teletubby land they inhance the game.

The sound FX and Music go well with the game, what more can I say! If they go well with the game they've achieved there purpose.

The game, because it is based on mini games which are about 1min each, wont last you very long, and it's not one of those games you can replay to get a higher score. With more levels and options the game good last a lot longer.

Overall, I give the game a 9 because it's fun, has good graphics and sound and is great to play if you've got a half hour free and want something that isn't too hard or complicated.
I recommend you give it a download.

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