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Review: Mini Blast (demo)
Author: This Guy
Added: 08/07/2003

I really hate to see great games turn to abandonware and this is such the case for Mini-Blast. While from its screenshots, it appears as a platform game, it's really a collection of 6 minigames, most of which are fun!

The presentation is quite nice. Before each minigame you are given directions on how to play the game. There's even a picture of what you must use to play it (keyboard or mouse).

Variety is the spice of life! Some minigames are unique, some are the 500th rendition of itself. Either way, this game plays quite well. The character is responsive of the mouse and keyboard, which is all that really matters. The controls are very simple and you are told the controls just before the minigame begins so there is no leaving you guessing what keys you're supposed to press.

They are 3D rendered and actually suit the game very nicely. Actually the graphics are really good. Specifically the water and the rain effects. I've also noticed while your character walks around in the rain minigame little drops of water sploosh up. Unless that was jsut my imagination.

The only catergory that I have vague memory of from this game. I do remember a Yoshi's Story tune though, which leads me to believe all of the game's music is ripped. But it didn't bother me one bit. The music and the sound effects fit the game like a glove on a hand. The game gives off that cute, happy, upbeatness, and the music supports that.

Unfortunately, this is where the game falls down and goes BOOM! I played it once, loved it. Played it twice, got a little bored of it. Played it a third time and didn't even reach the end. However, you can save your files which is nice, not that it adds to replayability. But like all games, this one dies after a second or third play. But definitely worth it the first time through!

Overall, it saddens me to hear Flipskillz is declaring this abandonware, since it really is his best game yet, in my opinion. With several more minigames, and different options and mode, this game could've been something. However, as it is, MiniBlast is still a fun way to kill a half hour of your day! A recommended download!

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