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Review: Squirrelish Wars
Author: Mr. Esch
Added: 14/06/2003

In my own personal opinion I think the presentation of this game is of a high standard and I think the presentation works well with the rest of the game. I give the presentation 8/10.

The gameplay is a fun style which is easy to adapt to. It is of a high quality so I give it 5/10

The graphics are pretty good and the effort shows as they work really well altogether. I give the graphics 6/10.

The Music wasnt bad it sounded very good with the game on the whole. It was the correct choice of music so I give the music 6/10.

The lastability on this game is a bit thin though. The game itself does not last very long. I didnt play it very long because I had 6 games in about 5 minutes but it is a lot more fun with a friend.

My personal comments on the game.

The game is very good. A lot of effort is shown through the overall quality of the game. It was fun to play but it was a shame that it didn't last very long. I would like to see the game on platform as I think the whole idea would work well. I particularly like the graphics because I didn't notice them ... huh? let me explain. Normally bad graphics really stand out in a game and as my motto goes "appearance is eveything in a game" I am glad I didnt notice them. Now reviewing the game I have looked back on the graphics and they are pretty good that is why they didnt strike me.

Overall I think this game deserves a well-earnt seven - I'm sure it would have been better if it lasted a bit longer but it is a very fun game to play.

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