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Review: Mageling DEMO
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 20/05/2003


Pretty good, although I don't recommend making agmes in resolutions higher than 640x480, let alone 1024x768. The mouse driven menus were a bit irritating too, but that's nitpicking.


Nice crisp cound effects, but the music is somewhat ininspired .mod files, which arean't anything special, but they have a bit of a consistency through them. (Or lack of differences if you look at it in another way.)


Good, and the ability to choose your color is a nice addition as well. The main flaw with the graphics is they are a bit bland, but maybe the creator did that on purpose.

The spell effects are very well done too.


Hmm, a mixed bag. This game features a selection of books with 3 different powers each, which adds to the replayability of the game, and the spells are pretty fun to use too.

Minor bugs and things like getting stuck on bouncers and the AI getting stuck in small pits are a bit aggravating too.


The CPU's AI, while rather good, fails to entertain me for longer than a few minutes. Two-player ought to be fun, but eventually boring with the limited variety in gameplay and the small selection of levels.

This coupled with dull gameplay after you have tried all of the spells prevent this game from being great for long.

OVERALL - 6/10

Now this was a real hard game to rate 6 out of 10...

If the bigs would have been fixed and if a few more things would have been rethought, it would have been a 7, but sadly, this game which has alot of potential fails to achieve much success.

The real lacking part of this game is there isn't really a point, or a soul for that matter.

The game doesn't even explain what is going on or why, deathmatch games at least tell you to kill anything that moves, but this game just puts you there, and a guy starts attacking you and you defend yourself.

It's hard to explain, but the creator needs to bring this to life, make it seem like a struggle between all-powerful mages. (Or magelings if you prefer. )

Instead you play this game which is fun for about 10 minutes to enjoy the time spent on it, and the cool spells.

The bottom line is, if you have a broadband connection, try this game out, if you don't, you're not missing too much.

Note to creator: Please fix these problems in the full game, I would greatly appreciate it.

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