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Review: Mageling DEMO
Author: SimdroneX²
Added: 14/05/2003

If I played this game without knowing who it was made by, my first guess would have most likely been thewreck. Origionality is obviously his strong point here, and is evident in his other games as well (Action Planet).

It looks as if this game is a mixture of hand drawn sprites and software rendered graphics. Although I would recommend only using one technique, this game manages to fit both of them in while keeping the style constant. The player sprites lack in detail, but the above average animations make up for it. The obstacles are nicely sprited, and fit the style. The particle effects are definately a strong point, as anticipated. It would be impossible to create a good magic themed game without at least average particles. I am more accustomed to the big, flashy, epilleptic world of anime flashes in fighting games so in my opinion, they could be a bit larger.

The sounds are great, and really fit the visuals that accompany them. Some spells don't have any sounds, but I'm sure that this will be addressed in the full version. The tracked music (MODs/XMs/ITs) is catchy, works well with the game.

When it comes to gameplay, thewreck always has something new and origional for the player to experience. Fortunately for us, this time is no different. Deep down, this game is a two player deathmatch. The whole 'spell book' system is something I have never seen before in a game like this. Each book inclues 3 different functions using one element. (Green is my favorite) The powers could have been more varied but, again, this is only a demo. Some spells I would like to see would be storms, *summoning creatures*, earthquakes, meteor showers, insect swarms, or mabye even bullet time, . AI is nothing to brag about, but slips by, and can still provide you with a fun time. The only thing that really bugged me was the jumping, I'm used to pressing shift and it's hard to break the habit.

Overall, fun game, very origional.

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