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Review: Last Days Of Vietnam
Author: Crystal Clear (H.E.S)
Added: 05/05/2003

Last Days Of Vietnam:

This game is very, very, very Professional looking, With a nice Installer, Kickass Intro, Sweet Menu, e.t.c

The Most Important thing in the game is this little baby, Gameplay. You control 3 little base things, You control a shooter on each one. Yourr objective is too keep these babys alive.
With the ability to call in Troops, Shoot Cannons, and have Aircrafts bomb.
In this game you run by days, each day gets harder and harder along the way. In each day you get to call in your Attack force a certain amount of times:
Troops - 5
Cannons - 3
Aircraft Bombing - 2
The game is of statergy, knowing when to use an attack force and where. the more strategic you are the more days youll survive.

Graphics.. well theres not much to say except.....Fantastic, these are sweet Gfx, and as a bonus they are 3D-Rendered which gives a very cool effect and more realism.
Lots of Detail like Burning men, Burning Bushes, Head Shots, Body Shots e.t.c and to top it all of The best FMV Sequences for a click game youll ever see.

Sound Effects & Music:
Great Music and Sound Effects. you can here the bullets been fired, the impact of bullets, even the shells being dropped, Even the grass and bushes swaying in the wind. plus things like people getting hit, Helicopters, Missiles, Explosions.. You name it. there is more then i can think of at the moment.

This game last alot of time, most click games you play a little quest, beat the bad dude, and its over, fenito, finished. well not this as i said this comes in days every day it gets harder and more men.. and what to make it better then competing with players all around the world to get the top score and get your name Displayed on the Online High Score chart!!!

This is the best Klik game in its Genre, No questions asked.

Sound and Music:

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