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Review: Last Days Of Vietnam
Author: Nighthawk
Added: 27/04/2003

Well this game looked nice for my first review here at the Daily Click. Now when you first see this game, you can already say good things about it. Just by looking at some of the beginning screenshots, I thought the game would be fairly decent to play. Though I already saw some flaws in the graphics since they weren't smooth and they didn't have shadows. I suggest the author add some form of pixel blending to make the graphics better.

The graphics for the title and other game screens were pretty good but I say they could be better, with some background or something else to spice it up. The gameplay revolves on the fact that you are 3 turrets and have the capability to drop troops via helicopter and firebombs from the sky. This was an awesome effect...the first couple times. I'd like to see some variety in the gameplay. It seems that all I'm doing is firing machine guns (that are stationary) and dropping troops. Maybe if you could scroll the screen or have different superweapons each level, the game would be a level better.

After playing for 15-20 mins, I realized that the same tactics were being used over and over. I don't know how the author was trying to approach this type of game but it almost remind me of Missile Command way back in the day. Addition of tanks or grenade on the player's side might be good thing to try. Though this game has graphics that most of us consider above par, the lastability sure isn't very long with the repeatition of tactics. The cinematics after using a superweapon are far too long and become a nuisance after the 10th and 11th times.

The music in the game brought out a good impression except that there was none during the game, which I thought there should've been. I would have given music 10 stars if it had been composed by the author, rather than be ripped from another game.

This game is off to a good start but the gameplay should have much more to offer. The graphics could use some work, like pixel blending as I said earlier. Maybe the addition of music during gameplay would help, but I'll leave that up to the author. The other comments on this game talk about the excellent 'game over screens' and title screens along with the FMVs. As a reviewer, I don't weigh those heavily on a socre since I don't think people play games for their title screens.

Overall, the presentation was good, the gameplay was a bit redundant, bringing down lastibility, graphics could use some touching up, sound and music could be more original. Try adding music to the actual gameplay levels and see if that helps.

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