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Review: Mario CD
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 14/03/2003

In my position as staff reviewer here at the DC, it might be an idea if I actually got around to reviewing something once in a while. Not to worry, my week-long silence has ended and I'm back.

The title of this game - "Mario CD" - is a little strange seeing as the game contains absolutely nothing to do with CDs whatsoever. The excuse is that it contains the CD audio object, allowing you to insert your own choice of CD and play the levels along to it. Naturally, I rammed "Karma" by Kamelot (which I'd bought the other week) in to the drive, turned the volume up to a ludicrous level (the kind usually associated with weapons used to shake buildings apart, or the Andrew Melville Hall fire alarm), and started playing.

The title screen consists of a fairly predictable Mario sequence, a Mario MIDI, a pixellated Start button (it's a CD) and an object which unless I'm very much mistaken is a disguised version of those counters with faces from the GF library. After that there's a semi-nice "Insert CD" screen, but the colour scheme leaves something to be desired.

In the game itself, your objective is to collect all the coins in the level then go to the exit and advance to the next. That's all. I'm not sure if the movement is custom or not, but I'm pretty sure it's default. Some of the coins are placed in very awkward positions, encouraging thinking in one way but just being irritating in another, more significant way.

I can't really say how long this game is because it crashed on the second level every single time I played it. I'm not sure how a game as simple as this one manages to get my computer to crash so badly, but it has my respect for doing so.

As for the music and sound score, any game which allows you to play your own music (which hopefully you'll like, unless you're some sort of musical masochist) has to get a high score, but the sound effects are so irritating that even this failed to give it a 10/10 score in this category.

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