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Mario CD
Author: Justin Submitted: 13th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 245

Edited By Justin on 3/17/2003

Edited By Justin on 3/13/2003

Mario CD is a Super Mario Bros. remake of mine, which features a custom background music player. Just pop in a music CD, start up the game, and...Hey, is that YOUR music playing? This game is more fun than it sounds. I enjoyed making it, and it is a final version, and no glitches. (Please notify me of glitches) Download now!

P.S., for screenshots, the game looks just about like the
original Super Mario Bros. game, but more fun! (Trust me)

P.P.S., The download link goes to my page, but the download is the one that says Mario CD on it. Sorry, Tripod problems.

Well, you guys have been a farty-pants about this one. I'm sorry. I can make better games than this, (And have) and I've tested this game with others, and they said they loved it. Maybe it's your age group. I guess it's inappropriate. I was younger, OK? If you are 13 or younger you'll like it. Sorry, folks. ): The guys here let me down on this one.

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Posted by Galaxy613 13th March, 2003

some people are going anyway it's a "Fan Game"
Posted by FusionDogg 13th March, 2003

Geez...Fan Games
Posted by xXAaronXx 13th March, 2003

This game is dumb...Got bored after a few minutes, and found glitches from the start. You have not fixed all glitches, you havnt even fixed it so you cant climb up the walls, when you jump into a solid block while holding the jump button you freeze. You really should fix those basic problems before saying you have them all fixed. This game is nowhere near as fun as the original mario or most other mario fan games even. Sorry, but it's true.
Posted by Sigurd 13th March, 2003

JD, I know this sounds silly to ask but i would like to know. You said in that post "just use a custom movement from a tutorial... " whats a good place to find these tutorials?
Posted by Kaine 13th March, 2003

Theres two here posted by shen in the articles section or just check his profile.Also theres some at clickteam forums in the file archieves just search thru there if you dont like to read :)
Posted by Shen 14th March, 2003

Don't use mine. They're crap.
Posted by Broomie 14th March, 2003

lol, WCB gave it a 9/10 for the music because it was his own... XD
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 14th March, 2003

Thank you, I aim to amuse.
Posted by >NzR< 14th March, 2003

Nice cheat, but i figured it out before finished the game! X)
Posted by DaveC 15th March, 2003

i bet your mums proud of you for this one...
Posted by Justin 16th March, 2003

Man! It's not THAT bad! I lost my oher games, but they were great, you guys would've loved those! And I'm not a fan of that type. I made this a mario game because I didn't have the time to make my own sprites. I will try harder next time. This one took me half a year. Expect more to come soon! :( (You guys are a JOKE! Lemme see you guys try to do better! Forget it. You'll like this next one.)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 18th March, 2003

The reason I gave it such a low score was that invariably it crashed when I got to the second level. No hard feelings, I hope - but judging by the comments you've left on my games it may be too late for that.
Posted by Justin 13th December, 2003

I leave no bad comments! ShEeSh!
Posted by Justin 4th June, 2005

When I made this game, I was... 13, I think. Maybe 12. But I'm 18 now, and can do MUCH better. I did seem winey, and it was because I WAS little. :p
Posted by Justin 4th June, 2005

Hmm, I guess I was 16. Doeasn't seem like it. Oh well. Who wants to see my new WiErD-AsS game that'll knock your brain loose? :p





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