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Review: Aquafish
Author: Spram
Added: 05/03/2003

How can I review this, it's not a game, so I cant use the normal ratings.

This is a fish tank simulator, kinda like Insaniquarium, but without the game. I believe, even if I'm not sure this is supposed to be some sort of educational tool. Since I dont know anything about fish and fish biology, I cant say how scientifically correct this simulation is or what it is meant to show.

So the main question is: Can you have fun with this? I would have to say: Not really.

Not that it looks well made and the music (A good arrangement of the Wind Fish Ballad from the Gameboy Zelda) fits quite perfectly giving you a sense of sadness for the dying fish.

So what little control do you have here? First, most of the controls are limited to menu bars in the top of the screen. You can choose the temperature of the water (you can choose cold, hot or warm, but you cant be more specific), you can also turn on the food spawning and make fish sick or control them. By controlling them all you do is click on a fish and it will follow your mouse, not too fun. But if the fish is sick and touches another fish, it will pass on the sickness. Try to make all the fish sick. Some of the menu options didn't seem to work, or maybe I was using them wrong. CHoosing spawn fish didn't make anything happen, or maybe it did later.

There is only one type of fish too. Maybe choosing from different types of fish would be nice in a future version, since different fish thrive in different temperatures and some eat smaller fish and etc..

To the right side you have some stats like how long the selected fish will live, it's speed and whether it's sick or not. You can also count the number of active fish and spawned fish in the bottom, but the numbers are a little hard to read.

This is not a game, so you might have to ignore the score. As you can see, I gave Lastability and Gameplay zeroes, but that's because this isn't a game. The overall is based on how neat I found this to be + the presentation which is pretty nice, if not totally original.

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