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Author: Chakrila Submitted: 4th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 94

Edited By TomH on 3/4/2003

This project is a fishtank simulation. It started out as a project in c++, maybe some students remember the APCS Marine Biology case study. I decided I could code a better version in TGF, and set off to do so. This is what I've completed so far.

The program comes complete with methods to control the fish, feed the fish, and even give birth to new fish.
The fish will swim around, breathe little bubbles, and eventually, die. You can extend the life of a fish by giving it food, and shorten the life of a fish by making it sick.

I'm still working on this, trying to add as many things to it as possible, so input is welcome.

Note from administration: You need a program like WinRAR or WinACE to extract this type of file.

Review This Download (1244kb )

Posted by Chakrila 5th March, 2003 has been uploaded, for people without winrar
Posted by Spram 5th March, 2003

For some strange reason I felt I needed to write a "review" of this program. :D
Posted by Chakrila 5th March, 2003

The menu options, with the exception of control fish require that a fish be selected first, and then the menu item chosen. Real fish, different fish, and colored fish, are all in the works, as well as moving the fish stats off the screen unless something's selected...
Posted by Chakrila 5th March, 2003

Colored fish have been implemented. Perhaps a start to the different fish, is giving different colored fish different properties.
Posted by MarvelousMushroom 5th February, 2005

Hmmm...cant download either the .zip or the .rar one.






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