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Review: Power Cubes
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 22/02/2003

I watched HyperCube last night. Thankfully, this game, despite having a similar title, is nowhere near as weird as that film - which is a mercy, because I felt I was going mental just watching it.

The plot goes something like this: Burke (no, not James Burke) has to collect green cubes to keep the planet's power supply going, while enemies try to stop him. This is explained in white on black text format - an immensely bland way of doing it, but then the plot isn't really central to the game.

The main menu is a collection of five icons. The small size of the window is made even more apparent by the fact that the game starts up with the window taking up the entire screen for some reason, the result being a huge black border for no reason. It would have been better to keep it windowed if you ask me.

Gameplay goes as follows: You have to click to guide your character around the screen collecting green cubes (once you have ten, you win a level) and avoiding traps such as lasers and blobs that shoot purple stuff at you. Different coloured cubes give you powerups such as increased speed and a shield, and there are bonus levels thrown in as well. The game mechanics are explained in a tutorial sequence.

It's an incredibly simple idea, but it works very well indeed. The graphics are nicely done in a cartoony style, and the music is a mix of standard GFactory and from other sources as well (I'm pretty sure that one of them is from Fur Fighters).

In fact, the only thing that lets the game down is the way that it's presented, with a huge black border and boring introduction sequence. Otherwise, it's got that 'frustrating but fun' factor, and it's well worth a download.

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