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Review: Power Cubes
Author: Spram
Added: 22/02/2003

Powercubes is a simple game of collecting little green cubes that appear randomly on the screen. Sounds simple? It is, but it's really fun and looks and sounds great.

You control your orange guy using the mouse, similar to the way you control characters in Diablo or "point and click" adventures. The controls are excellent and simple and I cant find any bugs in them.

Each level has different and innovative enemies you have to avoid, and they can be really annoying. To finish the level you must collect 10 green power cubes that appear randomly on the screen. The only bug I could find here is that sometimes the cubes will appear behind the "lives object" and couldn't be seen.

The presentation is extremly well done. The menu screen even has a "tutorial" that is very user friendly and well done.

The music in this game is just perfect, it doesn't matter if it's the menu theme or the level theme of the victory fanfare, they all fit, and it makes sense since they were made by the same person, the author of the game. If you click the credits you'll find out everything was done by the same person, the graphics, the music etc... I think he did a very good job and mantained a constant look and feel for everything in the game.

One problem I have with the game is that it is not my type of game. I like adventures and this game takes place on a simple screen, it is similar to classic games, a good one at that. But it is extremly well done and polished. Another problem is that the screen is too small, but you will only notice this if you have a high resolution like me.

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