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Review: Say Hi to Gooba
Author: Spram
Added: 22/02/2003

Say hi to Goomba is a neat game with some pretty likable characters, but the game is too short.

So you are Goomba, which is not a goomba from the Super Mario Bros universe, and you your path is blocked by a fat lazy person called Blobba. He doesn't want to get out of the way. So what do you do?

Obviously, since this is an adventure game in the style of King's Quest and Day of the Tentacle, you must collect different items and use them in the right moments.

The game is pretty easy, all screens have something important for you to do and sometimes it's obvious... What do you do if the painter tells you he needs paint? What can you buy in a story which seems to only want to sell you paint? Where do you get the money? The last one is the only not obvious one since you wouldn't expect such a clean-cut, cute and happy fellow as Goomba to go into a life of violent crime.

Anyway, the characters are likable, they all fit a stereotype much like the smurfs do and it's actually helpful to the gameplay. They are also simple but well drawn and animated, which brings me to the backgrounds. The backgrounds are made up mostly of objects from the clickteam's library and even if they look pretty good, they lack the personality the characters have. Some original graphics, even if primitive, would look better.

Each room has a different midi, and they fit pretty well, but the midis are from other games or the clickteam's library. The sounds are good.

The downfall of the game are not the graphics or the midis, but that the game is too short and easy. It's good, I like it and it has an unique personality, and maybe that's why I wish it was longer. But it is a good job as it is.

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