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Say Hi to Gooba
Author: Adrian Ceroni Submitted: 21st February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 182

Edited By Adrian Ceroni on 7/4/2003

This is a short game starring Gooba and his friends.
It is a simple game - Mission: get Gooba home!

Talk with different characters and interact with objects to complete your goal. It is very simple, but it is good for a quick game, or to entertain youngsters.

Each of my games comes with a help file, so there's no need to explain game instructions.

My second full game made with KNP. Enjoy!

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Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 22nd February, 2003

I like it however the Most GFX were from the KNP librarys which was a downer but if you made all the GFX yourself and it was alot longer it would be a great game...
Posted by Adrian Ceroni 23rd February, 2003

I am quite pleased with the critisism so far. Check out my website, the games get better with time. (Like a fine wine maybe? - Ed) :)
Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2003

a ban is in progress for you, assclown.






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