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Review: Pak-Man DEMO
Author: >NzR<
Added: 15/02/2003


I'm not a real fan of Pac Man games, so don't say anything from my object-names, OK!?
When i launched this application first time, i saw first the interesting menu with colors and animation.
I pressed the instruction button and saw the instructions.
They appeared one after another with animated, colored pictures.


The game has over 4 levels(I have made it only to level 4 or 5.. I guess! ) and levels have good desing.
When you get to the next levels, the game will become faster and faster and the A.I. will come better.. It's really hard already in fourth or fifth level.. Really nice graphics, hardness and good gameplay are the "things" in this Pac Man clone.
OK. You move guy named Pak-Man and try to eat "dot's" from the level. There are also "super-pills" which will make ghost's
turn to blue and then, you can eat them to get extra points. To the levels will appear bonus-fruits which will give you extra-points if you eat them. When all the dot's are eaten from the level, you will advance to the next one, which will be more faster and harder than the previous one. This style gets boring, but if your really a Pac-Man fan, i think you will like this game much. If you get enough points, you will get to the high-score "table"! But the table resets every time you restart new game, or shut down the program. That would be done better!!


This game has really nice graphics and look pretty much like the original games graphics look..
Different colored ghost's ,yellow Pak-guy, orange dot's and red super-pills look great in this clone. And do not forget the colored wall's!


Press right, and the Pak-man will go to left untill it collides with ghost or wall. That will also work with other up, down and left!
It's easy to control and does not get stuck in any place.(Well, not with my play style.)


This application has one music and it's a sample. A viuh viuh sample. Sample sound's pretty good and some of them sound like original. It beep's through the whole game and it get's worse when you go to the next levels.

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