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Review: Pak-Man DEMO
Author: Spram
Added: 14/02/2003

Everyone knows Pac Man. This game is a remake of the arcade classic with better graphics and what seems to be new levels, or maybe they just look different.

If you ever wanted to have a Pac Man game, this is a pretty good (and free) alternative. The movement is extremely similar to the arcade if not exactly like it. The Ghosts seem to be pretty smart and everthing has a very polished feeling, the same you expect of commercial games on a console.

Of course, there are problems and I think the one I can find in this game comes from the author being to true to the source material (Pac Man). First: Pak Man is too slow, everyone knows that playing Ms. Pac Man on high speed (like in my local arcade) is more fun than having to wait for her to slug down a corridor eating fatty pills. Second: After you finish one maze, you will play the exact same maze. Again.

The graphics are pretty, I love the animations on the ghosts while Pac.. I mean.. Pak Man is just like the original Pac Man but with a higher resolution and a shadow. The Title Screen is also very nice, and fitting.

Maybe it's me, but the sound effects where too low, maybe some high-pitched stuff would complement the scary-ghost theme.

So overall this is a very very good Klick game, polished and fun albeit original which it's its only flaw. If you like Pacman then get this, since it's very similar.

Ms. Pac Man is a lot more fun than the original Pac Man. A Ms. Pak Man would be nice. But not like I'm asking for it.

Overall I give it a nine, but that's if you like Pac Man. If you dont like Pac man, take it as a 6 overall. Or if you're like me and think the sexy Ms. Pac Man has a better game, then it's an 8.

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