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Review: Swordstar
Author: Jeff
Added: 03/02/2003

At first seeing this game, it looked nice, and pretty astonishing. First off.. I checked out the options menu. Nice looking, with an easy-to get thru menu, no hussle, no hassle. After I finished with that, I started to play the game.

The first level is very nice, with a cool looking background, and a little dude to play with. The enemies are a little plain, being only 2. A snake, and a red guy with what looks like a bar? Or maybe a gun, not sure. A little improvement on the variety of enemies can be done, and should be done

Level design is nice, with, once again, nice backgrounds. The layout of the level is good, with enemies and backdrops placed in the right places. Although, a thing before the level starts, "Act 1 - Greeny Greens - Level 1" kind of thing, it adds to the level and lets the player know what kind of "environment" he is about to play in. On another note, on the desert level with the level, very nicely done where as soon as your player jumps in he is "swimming", although a little but of a slower movement would make it more "water-like". Also, a background to tell the player it's water would be nice, instead of a completely transparent one. On another note...

The game is addicting, I play it every day, trying to beat the game It's hard, but addicting. And also fun, too. So I'm sure this will add a lot to the "lastability" mark.

There is no sound, sadly, but I only realized that the second time going through! Little blips, beeps, and other things would be a nice add-on. The music fits each level very nicely though, either written or picked out very well.

Overall, I'd have to say this is a good game, and worth a look (or 2

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