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Review: Swordstar
Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios)
Added: 01/02/2003

I have to admit I didn't get far into the game before I started writing this review, but if you ask me, in a good game the first level should set a standard for the rest.

Well the presentation looks OK. The menus could be improved abit by making them more interesting.
When you get into the game though the graphics are quite good and as promised very colourfull. I like the little iconic guy with the hands floating next to the head, nice idea.
The gameplay, is very good but still just the same as any other platform game. Your programming although nothing special does make the game run smoothly and without any bugs.
I don't really know why you changed the resolution so low though, most PC's today can handle alot higher than that using a low end onboard Graphics chip. Maybe you could add something to change the resolution in the options menu, I know it can be done, I've done it.
I think the gameplay may be slightly let down by the lack of any sound FX, when your making another platform game the key is to make it original somehow and good Sound FX could have achieved this. The game does have music though which gives the player something to listen too at least. The music could be better but I know how hard it is to find good original MIDI tracks.
Lastly I come to Lastability, and I think the game has achieved every game creators goal, to get the player to play the game more than once, which I did, The game has just enough features to keep the player going.

Overall I think this is another average platformer, good work though. It's very far from being rubbish.

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