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Review: Adroids
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 30/01/2003

On starting this game, you're given a very brief introduction by something that sounds as if the programmer talked through a voice distorter while a three year old fiddled with the controls on it at random, given a retina-damaging title screen that looks like one of those stereograms (or Magic Eye posters if you don't feel like showing off) and then you're deposited right in to the first level. No menu, no explanation or anything.

My first impression was that the graphics were decent. This game actually has a decent use of a gradient. However, they only look good until they start moving - the animation isn't too good to say the least. Also, your character, a metal sphere with arms and legs, moves incredibly slowly. This is justifiable for a huge robot of course, but couldn't there have been a way round it?

Little consideration is taken for the background - the antenna on your robot is black as are the silhouettes of the buildings, so it looks like your antenna disappears as you walk along.

I moved slowly to the next screen and submerged in opaque blue water. Carrying on, another screen later another robot emerged from the water and gave a terrifying speech. I say "terrifying" not because of its content, but for the fact that it sounded exactly like that blue smiley face from Mister Boom.

I got the impression that I had to shoot the android I had just met. I fired at it but it shrugged it off, so I kept on pressing the space bar and eventually it teleported out of the water and gracefully sailed away through the air, dropping a block behind it so that I couldn't get back.

After a cut-scene which involved a tracked vehicle doing something to my robot's knee with a welding torch, a Professor Xavier-a-like hopped in to it. I pressed on right as is the custom in this game, and was shown another cut-scene. A brief scrolling level later I died on a boss that resembled a blue diamond with a party tooter in its mouth.

It looks as if this might work, but it makes no sense at the moment - more explanation is needed, and sound would be good. On the other hand, the cut-scenes are pretty good and the drawing style is basic but does the job well. And it just feels... well, awkward.

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